Simplified ePortfolio Experience

Our user-friendly ePortfolio solution allows you to upload learner assessments, track progress & cross reference evidence in real-time on any device, anywhere. Combining the newest standards and OWL, will result in powerful experience for both center staff and learners with a huge increase in user productivity.
Products Head

Centre Administrator

OWL provides the perfect flexible cloud based ePortfolio tool for modern teaching and learning. With user friendliness always in our mind anyone can operate OWL with minimal training.
Centre Dashboard
Relevant data-driven dashboard, graphs and statistics provide key information on learners progress throughout their qualification(s). Making it easy to identify approaching and past end date learners.
Spontaneous Navigation
Owl was engineered with user functionality first in mind. Our simple yet powerful ePortfolio is very easy to navigate through.
Create staff or learner accounts manually or bulk upload using CSV files. Don’t have learner email? You can use a mobile number instead.
We're Paperless
Record all evidence online along with assessment plans, reviews and more. Converting from a paper portfolio to Owl will drastically improve efficiently and increase learner productively.
Real-Time Reporting
Create and download default real-time reports to view in Excel. Or customise a new report.
Data Logging
All data entered into OWL is logged and viewable as a centre admin. Whether you want to see staff login times or learner activity, it’s all available with the click of a button.


OWL was built from the ground up with the assessor in mind. They are the driving power behind the engine, so we've bulked assessor features.
Gathering Evidence
Gather evidence in formats such as image, audio and video along with centre created tests then view within OWL's platform instantly without leaving the page.
Evidence Guidance
A optional preset solution allowing you to advise assessors on guidancing correct evidence cross-referencing.
Centre Communication
Allow assessors to communicate with learners with ease using our built in SMS feature. Send notifications via email or SMS to learners requesting evidence or simply to relay information regarding a visit.
Real-Time Reporting
Create and download customised real-time reports in many formats.

Learners & Quality

Tools for learners and quality assurance.
Build your own downloadable database full of resources available for learners to download and increase performance.
OWL is accessiable to all. Our learner dashboard is fully customisable to meet any requirements for learners with visual conditions.
Internal Verifier
Internal verifier accounts provide a powerful solution to track and provide feedback on any aspect of a learners work.
Work Offline
Coming Soon
At a site without an internet connection? Use our app, available for both iOS and Android to create evidence and upload to learner profiles wherever you are.
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