Presenting OWL

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Published 22nd September 2017, 13:24 PM by James Martin

OWL was first born well over a year ago when a team of web developers and training industry experts joined together to build a fresh, innovation ePortfolio that suits the needs of modern training companies alike.

Initially OWL was designed as an bespoke internal platform for Safety Advisory Consultants in the North-East, England. But we soon became inundated with requests to open the platform up nationally. So here we are.

Online Web Learning was designed from the beginning up with user-friendliness first in mind. Our platform is accessible on any platform, anywhere, at any time. Whether you're a learner and just wish to upload some evidence or an assessor who wants to cross-reference an entire units work. OWL makes that job much easier, increasing assessor productively on a huge scale. We have a bucket load of powerful features that will make your online web learning experiences better for your centre staff and we're growing that list each week.

We have some exciting announcements to make in the following months. Keep checking back to hear more.

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