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Simplified ePortfolio Experience

OWL is a flexible, innovative ePortfolio solution aimed at the training industry. Create, upload and view evidence within OWL in numerous formats without downloading. Conveniently engage with learners via SMS or email. Track, monitor and download custom reports of any activity carried out instantly.

Supporting the following sectors:

Supporting the following sectors:

Health and Social
Plant and Machinery
Public Services

Evolve your training using OWL

Centre Dashboard
Relevant data-driven dashboard, graphs and statistics provide key information on learners progress throughout their qualification(s). Making it easy to identify approaching and past end date learners.
Record all evidence online along with assessment plans, reviews and more. Converting from a paper portfolio to Owl will drastically improve efficiently and increase learner productively.
Quality Assurance
Internal verifier accounts provide a powerful solution to monitor and refer evidence on learner portfolios.
Allow assessors to communicate with learners with ease using our built in SMS feature. Send notifications via email or SMS to learners requesting evidence or simply to relay information regarding a visit.

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